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ESOL Classes

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  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Classes
  • Six levels of ESOL classes are offered to give comprehensive English language instruction to speakers of other languages.
  • -Beginning levels focus on basic communication, life skills and literacy: ESOL Beginning literacy, ESOL 1 (low beginning) and ESOL 2 (high beginning)
  • - Intermediate levels continue to focus on reading, writing, work and life skills: ESOL 3 (low intermediate) and ESOL 4 (high intermediate)
  • - Advanced levels focus on reading, writing and grammar in academic contexts to prepare students for employment and continuing education: ESOL 5 (Advanced)

ESOL Basic Computer
Designed for ESOL level 3  students this course teaches keyboarding, basic computer vocabulary, how to use Internet and email, and how to create files. 

ESOL Job Classes
Prior to enrolling in either of the classes below, students must participate in an intake session scheduled prior to the start of each course.  Contact information is given after each class description below.  Students in both classes can participate in computer tutorials and receive assistance with online job search tools and meet with teachers one-on-one.

Job Class A
This is a 8-week intensive training designed for immigrants with low-intermediate (ESOL levels 3-4) English language skills who are looking for their first jobs in the U.S. It includes job search skills, English for work, U.S. workplace culture, and basic computer skills.Area employers are actively involved in the program, visiting the classroom to share information about their companies, providing mock interview practice, as well as hiring graduates.Graduates of the program receive a certificate detailing their attendance hours and competency achieved in 12 employability standards. They also participate in one-on-one job search support with their teachers and Job Developers from participating service agencies.

Job Class B
Similar to Job Class A, this class is for more advanced English proficiency students placed at ESOL level 5 and higher who want to either advance their work situations or apply for work in entry-level career fields where students can begin to apply their professional, transferable skills. Additional focus will be on writing etiquette for the workplace. This course runs on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings.