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Welcome to Portland Adult Education, serving Portland Maine since 1850. PAE currently offers courses in three program areas:

Our Academic Classes are housed at Cathedral School. Whether it’s ESOL or Math Basics, you’ll find a course here that will help you get qualified. Also available, HISET and Diploma courses in many subjects.

Our Community Life Courses take place in various Portland schools and centers throughout town. If you would like to learn a new language, join an exercise class or brush up on your art skills, we have a place for you!

Our Job Skill Courses are housed at Cathedral School. If you want to improve your skills in the workshop or in the office, we have classes from welding to accounting that will help you get there.

Portland Adult Education also offers a program assuring that homeless youth have free access to an appropriate public education. For more details visit the Street Academy

Portland Adult Education, Portland, Maine is the adult learning division of
Portland Public Schools

We offer programs that are designed to prepare Portland and the Greater Portland area residents for a better, more fulfilling life. Portland Adult Education, PAE, is a wide-ranging community program that brings people and resources together for academic courses, for job skills or personal enrichment, for special needs, or just for fun. Classes are held throughout the city at different times. You have choices and opportunities at your Portland Adult Education Program.

Where to find us . . .

Cathedral School

14 Locust Street,
Portland, ME 04101

T: (207) 874-8155
F: (207) 773-0151

For further details, including directions visit the Contact Us page.

Portland Adult Education is the Adult Learning Division of Portland, Maine, Public Schools,
353 Cumberland Avenue, Portland, ME 04101

Emmanuel Caulk, Superintendent

How to get a catalog . . .

You can get our catalog with full listings of more than a two hundred courses by using our E-mail address, by visiting one of our offices, or by writing us at the Forest Avenue or Locust Street address.

Please be sure to include your name and address in your request. Catalogs are automatically sent to all Portland mail addresses and subscribers to our mailing list at the beginning of each session. Catalog listings are available here on this website on line.

Our Learning Centers . . .

Our learning centers include PAE-Locust Street (Cathedral School), Deering High School, Hall School, Reiche School, Lincoln Middle School, Lyman Moore School, Lyseth Elementary School, Portland High School, Presumpscot School, Riverton Elementary School, and Portland Arts and Technology (PATHS).

Classes are also held at various community centers, public agencies, and private businesses throughout the city. Call PAE for details.

We can also set up training programs at your requested locations. Call PAE for details.

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2016-17 School Calendar

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