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Do I have to live in Portland to take PAE Classes? PDF Print E-mail

No. We serve people from all over the Greater Portland area, or Southern Maine for that matter. However, because we are supported by Portland taxpayers, most classes have a slightly higher fee for non-Portland residents.

How do I register for classes? PDF Print E-mail

Online registration is now available!

You can register online or at the PAE office, 14 Locust Street. Course fees, lab fees and material fees must be paid at the time of registration. Book fees must be paid before class begins. You may also register by mail. Registration forms are included in our printed catalog and a printable form is available here on our website. A check or money order with all costs covered must accompany the form. The forms should be sent to PAE, 14 Locust Street, Portland, ME 04101.

We accept registrations by telephone, fax and online for most courses and accept both Visa and Mastercard.

Fees are listed with two numbers? PDF Print E-mail
How do I know which to pay?

As you have noted, many courses list two fees, such as $30/40. The first fee is for Portland residents and the second fee is for non-Portland residents. In our example here, if you live in Portland, the fee would be $30. If you live outside the City of Portland, you’d pay $40.
Do you offer discounts? PDF Print E-mail
Except where indicated in the course listings, we offer a 50% discount for Portland Public School employees registering for Job Skills courses.
I have a great idea for a new course! PDF Print E-mail
What do I do? Who do I tell?

PAE is always open to suggestions for new courses. If you would like to propose a new course and maybe even be an instructor for that course, download the following proposal package and e-mail it or send it back to Portland Adult Education.

Download the course proposal package here!
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